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A Little Fairy

Hello blogging friends!  It is mid February already and I feel like my ambition in January is stuck in January.  But I am making progress on things 🙂  First up, I have a little Fairy!

PR 20th anniversary progress

Boy did she drive me crazy!  Not sure if it was because the designer made the large fairy a lot smaller to fit into this space or what.  But the backstitching was so crazy, that I ended up doing it my own way.  Too many zig zags within a stitch or 2 that were just not possible on the Aida, so I did my own thing and I think it came out pretty good.  I am not that happy with her face.  Her green eyes are not that visible, but I will leave it for now.  I am just happy to have her finished.  Not sure if I will continue with this piece or put it away for now.  We’ll see how I feel tonight.  This is the 20th Anniversary SAL from Passione Ricamo that was put out in 2014.  Yeah, I slacked on this one, but I am hoping for a finish this year…maybe…Anyway, I am stitching her on 16ct Aida Nantucket Sky from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

I also have a framed finish!  Yep, I picked up from the cross stitch store on Feb. 3.  I still don’t have a place to hang it, but it’s home and I love it!

Mystery Sampler finish

Sorry about the crooked photo.  I was trying not to get the glare from the window and maybe my head was tilted, too.   What a truly remarkable piece!  I loved every stitch of this one and am so proud of myself for keeping up with it and finishing it in the month of December when the last section was released.  I love my color choices and where I placed the colors.  I would not change a thing about my choices on this one.  So, for all the info on this one:  2017 Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads.  Stitched on 16ct Aida Castleview from Silkweaver.  Threads are Sullivan’s variegated London Fog and DMC 3888.  I am hoping that my color choices for the 2018 Sampler make me as happy as this one.  I haven’t started it yet, as I am waiting on a bigger piece of fabric and some threads.  I will be sure to share once I get it started.  If you are interested in the 2017 or the 2018 Mystery Samplers, you can find the info about them on the Linen and Threads website.  They are both FREE patterns, so that is even more amazing!

When hubby took me Birthday shopping in January, one of the things he bought me was this:

IMG_2551 (2)

A cute Cowl pattern and a very soft, squishy skein of yarn. So I started it 🙂

IMG_2581 (2)

Oh my gosh!  Those colors are so gorgeous!!  Very nice pattern, too.  I do have to pay attention, at least until I get the hang of the pattern.  I am in love!  And I can’t wait to see more of the color variations.  The pattern is Aspen Cowl by Javori Designs.  The yarn is Ella Rae Seasons Yarn color #52.  One ball will make the cowl using drop and eyelet stitches.  the yarn is 76% acrylic, 14% Wool, 10% Nylon and has 219 yards.  The yarn almost looks like a crocheted chain.  Gives it that nice squishy texture. According to the pattern there are 280 rows and I have 32 completed rows.  Long way to go to a finish, but it is going to be gorgeous when finished.

It is another cold day outside today, but the last 2 days were warmer so our snow is melting.  I will leave you with a picture of a sparkly icicle with the sun shining through.  So pretty, but glad they are all melted now 🙂

IMG_2570 (2)

What are you up to?

31 thoughts on “A Little Fairy

  1. Your fairy is quite adorable, however I can totally agree on the difficulties of backstitching on Aida. I just finished an old project that was started on Aida and am so glad it is done. I am learning that I definitely love evenweave. Your Linens & Threads finish is beautiful also and even though it is a picture, I love the squishy look of the yarn that your husband purchased for you. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.


    1. Thank you, Susanssnippets ❤ I can't wait to get her hung in my craft room. I typically don't have a problem backstitching on Aida. I have always used a Chenille needle for my stitching, so poking through the fabric is not a problem. This little fairy was greatly reduced in size from it's original in order to fit onto this design and the backstitching was quite crazy. I don't anticipate the rest of the piece to be difficult like that because the actual size of the design will go into each block, though just a portion of the design. I started filling in one of the blocks last night and it is going so much better 😉 I am still trying to find a place to hang the sampler, but I am truly in love with it. The yarn project is going slow. I have to It seems I have to keep track of 3 different things and not sure how I want to go about it.


  2. Love the picture of the icicle, Ginny!
    Gosh, the L&T SAL is beautiful beyond words. (I don’t think I can work on it this year like I’d thought, but I will definitely pick it up even if it’s next year. It’s just too good to let go.)
    I can’t even imagine how much trouble all the backstitching was on the fairy – I would probably have gone crazy.
    The cowl does look a bit like crochet. I love the squishiness of the yarn!


    1. Thank you, Anita ❤ The picture was a bit blurry as I was trying to take it through my window, at an angle and I just couldn't get it. They are all melted now, so I will be happy with my blurry photo especially if it means I won't have to see any more icicles this year 😉 I'm sure you will get back to your L & T sampler when you can. I am sure it will be as beautiful a pattern as last years and it will be hard to ignore 🙂


  3. I think your fairy looks very cute! I’m not a cross stitcher so I’m not sure there is much advice I could give on all the backstitching. Should be so proud of your framed work! It looks incredible! I love it, and so much work in it as well. I hope you have a suitable pride of place for it.


    1. Thank you, Catherine ❤ Normally I don't have any issues with back stitching, except that it is my least favorite part of stitching. I do believe it is because the original pattern was reduced in size to fit into this piece. I have started one of the blocks last night and it is going so much more smoothly. I still have not found a place to hang my sampler, but it will come to me 🙂


  4. The Fairy is pretty, looks like intense stitching.
    Your Mystery Sampler is gorgeous!
    You picked a great color combination, and it goes well on that fabric also.
    The cowl looks so pretty and soft.
    I’m working on a few St, Pat’s smalls right now.


  5. I love all your stitching but the sampler is my very favorite. It is so lovely!

    Glad your snow a d ice are melting. We are having some warm days, too, but are getting snow to night. Still, it feel like spring. I might need to order seeds.


    1. Thank you, Salpal1 ❤ I am so happy with my first sampler. Still trying to find a place to hang it, but I will eventually. Snow and ice was almost gone except for the big mounds everywhere and then this morning we woke up to more snow. Ugh. Not much, but enough to make everything all white again. This weeks temps are supposed to get up in the low 50's, but rainy. That's ok. I will take rain over snow any day 😉 I hope Spring is coming soon for all of us.

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  6. Your fairy sounds very complicated, and I am happy she is done. Wow!
    The sampler is still my favourite. I can not look at it enough. It is calling out to me to stitch as well.
    Lovely yarn, and really soft colours too. It is going to be just what you need.
    Keep warm there and enjoy the weather, it will be warming up pretty soon. 🙂
    Have a great week.


    1. Thank you, Joey. I love how my sampler turned out and definitely think you should give it a go. At least print out the patterns so that you have them when you are ready. It’s a gorgeous pattern allowing your creative side to work, too. Picking your fabric and threads in any way you want and you can even stitch only the parts you want or portions of each section or all of it. I am looking forward to stitching the 2018 one as well. They say there is only about 30 days until Spring. Spring here does arrive much later than that, but I am still hoping 😉

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      1. Spring would be nice indeed. 🙂 And that means Fall here. I have seen one tree that has gone yellow, although I am not sure if it is confused with the weather and the rain, and just took much water when the rain came, and is just overwatered now. 🙂
        The 2018 sampler sounds awesome, you should definitely stitch it too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Thecraftersapprentice ❤ I am so happy to be finished with the fairy. I a working on my first block and it is so much nicer 🙂 The cowl is knitted and has a very nice pattern. It is dropped and eyelet stitches. Love the way it is looking.


  7. The 2017 Mystery Sampler has my mouth agape, Ginny. Beautiful! 🤩 And that cowl reminds me of ice pops/milk stick ice cream (not really sure what they’re called) 😀


  8. I like be all your work. I was wondering if you would mind posting a link for the SAL. I’m not sure if it’s because it was from a few years ago, but I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you!

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      1. Thanks for your response, but I was actually wondering about the one with the fairy at the very top of the post. 😊

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  9. I’m sorry, Ashley. I was wondering if you were referring to that one after I left my comment. I have tried looking for it on the Passione Richmond site but I can never find it there. But I do know that it is available to purchase. You can contact the designer, Laura, for more information. You can find her contact info on her website at

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