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Stitching and More Snow!

Hello friends!  Happy March!  I have no idea where February went, but I do hope that March slows down a bit.  And it is coming in like a Lion!  This is what it looks like out my window right now:

IMG_2596 (2)

Really?  After all of our snow had finally melted and we have had temperatures in the 50’s the last 3 days.  We are expecting 4-6 inches today.  It has been snowing steady for the last 4 hours and starting to pile up out there.  Good thing I have no plans to be out today or tomorrow.  Enough about the white stuff.  Let’s get to the stitchy stuff 🙂

First, I brought this adorable little pixie home from the framer a couple of weekends ago.

White Angel Trumpet framed

She is the White Trumpet Angel by Nora Corbett.  I stitched her on a one of a kind hand dyed fabric from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics in 16ct Aida.  If you haven’t checked out her fabrics, you should.  She usually posts new fabrics on her Etsy on Monday’s and you can purchase what she posts right away.  She has great customer service and super fast shipping.  She is so sweet!  I have yet to hang her in my craft room, (the framed piece, not Johanna, LOL)  but I will.  She will join the other 3 pixies I have hanging in there.

I have been stitching on the Passione Ricamo 20th Anniversary piece and finished the first block a few nights ago.  Sorry for the crooked picture.

PR 20th anniversary progress 1

This piece is going to be amazing when it is finished.  Here is a close up of the block I just finished:

first block on PR SAL

It was so much easier stitching this block than it was that Fairy to the right.  It probably took me about a week of evenings to stitch her.   I hope all of the blocks go as quick, then I can have this piece finished in a few months.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

And I have a new start!  When you see what it is, you will know why I couldn’t resist…

Treasures of the Deep

A year of mermaids!!!  WOW!  As soon as this was released, my BSF (Best Stitchy Friend) sent the link over to me and I caved almost immediately.  She is such an enabler, LOL.  But I love her and she knows me so well.  So this is a year long SAL designed by Shannon Christine and put out by Fiberlicious.  I have received all of my supplies and started it the other night.  Here is my progress:

Start on Mermaid SAL

The mermaids are birthstone mermaids and the SAL starts with February.  Isn’t she just the sweetest little mermaid?  And boy is this piece full of bling!!  But my beads and crystals will have to wait until the very end.  I am stitching on 16ct Aida Maldivian Dream from Fiberlicious.  It is a beautiful hand painted fabric.   If you are interested in this SAL, you can order through Fiberlicious.

Well, that is what I have been up to.  What are you up to these days?  Do you have any new starts?   What WIP project are you trying to get finished?

29 thoughts on “Stitching and More Snow!

  1. White Trumpet Angel is just beautiful, Ginny! Maybe someday you could show us how she and all her other pixie friends are getting along. 😉
    Loving the other SALs. The mermaid is really cute. I guess you’ll get quite a bit of stitching done on these snow days? ❄


  2. Great projects.
    Trumpet Angel is so pretty all framed up.
    The Mermaid SAL looks intriguing.
    I finished a St. Pat’s freebie, and now i will start Erica Michael’s Sampler Strawberry.


  3. Love all of your projects. You definitely put me to shame. But I am having fun watching everything you are getting completed and hung. You are such a sweetie to plug my fabric business!


    1. Thank you, Catherine. It’s a good thing there is nothing wrong with liking mermaids as I have quite a few of them around the house 😉 It is a bit nippy out today and we are expecting snow the next 2 days. Ugh. So I will head out into the cold today and run some errands. The sun is shining, so that will help a bit. I hope the sun is shining where you are 🙂

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  4. Such a gorgeous snowy garden, it looks just lovely. Good thing you could stay indoors and stitch. Your Passione Ricamo piece is stunning. But I think the mermaids are going to be even just as interesting. I love the Febr. girl, 🙂 she is so pretty.
    Happy stitching and en joy March. 🙂


    1. The snow did look really pretty if you didn’t have any where to go. Most of that snow has melted. We are expecting more today and the next couple of days. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it misses us and fizzles out. Thank you for your sweet comments about my projects. I can’t wait to see the March Mermaid and will be sure to post about it. For now I am back working on the PR piece. Happy crafting to you 🙂

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      1. Hi, so happy to hear the snow is melting. But more coming. I will join you and keep my fingers crossed it passes for fizzles out.
        I think you mermaids are going to be so cute. Different from the usual ones you make, and a whole lot all together, how sweet. Can already see the colours in my mind.
        Happy crafting and take care and stay warm if you get more snow. 🙂

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  5. Love your projects. I just came across your blog and I love your work. You do some beautiful work. I love the hand dyed fabrics you use. I fell in love with one of them but then I read that you can’t order it I was really disappointed to hear that I have a perfect Passione Romano that I would have used it for….I will keep hunting for something else. I have a similar problem as you I love collecting projects that have to do with mermaids, I currently am working on two by Mirabilia and more to do in my project stash…. anyways I was wondering in your picture you show a mermaid broach needle holder I love it; its beautiful i was wondering where did you order it from?
    Have a fabulous weekend


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