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Still At Home, Still Crafting

It’s been almost 4 months at home during this Pandemic.  I am sad, frustrated, depressed, angry and lost.  I am sad for all of those that have been sick with this virus and for those that have lost loved ones.  I am frustrated and depressed because I can’t go out and do the things I used to do or go to the places I used to go.  And I am angry because the numbers of cases are going up again and hospitals are reaching capacity in some states.  I cry watching the news, wishing I could magically make everything ok.  And I have periods where I just don’t want to do anything.  My husband is going back to work tomorrow, and I am really sad about this.  I will miss him being home and I worry about him being in a place where the risk goes up.  So I turn to my crafting to take my mind off of things.  So, what exactly have I been up to?

First, I want to talk about a product that I purchased on-line a month or so ago from a yarn shop.  I saw this product last summer at a fiber fest, but chose to spend my money on yarn at the time.  But it has been in the back of my mind as a great organizational piece.  How do you store your circular needles?  This is what I decided to use:

circular needle holder

Sorry about the poor photo.  It was the best I could get while it was empty.  It is hand made by Wonderfully Made and I thought it was a great idea.  So as soon as it arrived, I started pulling my needles out of their original packages and threading them onto the holder.

circular needle holder with needles 1

Now I am not so sure.  Now I will have to put the needles in a needle gauge to find the size I want (which was included with this holder)  and will have to measure to see how long they are.  And I always forget if I am supposed to measure from tip to tip or just the cable.  I think it was easier to flip through the packages in my accordion needle holder to find what I wanted.  It looks nice and I love the concept.  Maybe in time I will forget all of the packages.  What do you think?

In my last post, I forgot to post my May project bag.  It took 19 days to get to me by mail and from a driving distance of about 20 minutes.  It really took the scenic route.

May project bag

This is the front.  I love the pink and yellow watercolor top of this one.  And the striped border looks awesome with the Spring colors.

back of May project bag

Here is the back.  Just look at all of those pink boots!  So fun and totally a surprise.  And since then, I have received the June bag.  It arrived in record time, getting to me in a day.

June Project bag

I was over the moon when I received this one.  It is now my favorite 😉

back of June project bag

And here is the back.  SO SWEET!  Kristine knows me well.  And she does an awesome job with all of her project bags.  Different shapes and styles for everything you want to store.  She is Clevergirl Designs and you can find her on intsagram.  Oh, and this bag is already filled with a project  gifted to me from a very sweet friend.

june project bag filled

I can’t wait to start stitching this beauty.  I still need to find a fabric.  So for now, I am still stitching on Lady Mirabilia and here is how she looks this morning.

Lady Mirabilia progress 1

She is getting there.  She has been a joy to stitch and I find myself relaxing while stitching on her.  Unlike my knitting project…

wingspan progress 5

I pulled out the Wingspan yesterday and knitted 3 rows and was so done.  This pattern is not hard, just requires my complete attention and I feel like I hold my breath and really tense up during every row.  Ugh!  But it is my only knitting project on needles right now and I really would love to get it finished.  A few rows every day 😉  So far,  I am very proud of myself that I have not started anything new.  Still trying to get WIP’s finished.

I spent last weekend getting some of this and that done.  And I crossed 2 bigger projects off of my to do list.  I finally redid all of my cross stitch files.  They were still mostly in boxes from when we remodeled the basement.  They all wouldn’t fit in the 2 filing drawers I had planned, so they went into the old file cabinet and with a few more files added.

cross stitch files

It took 2 1/2 drawers, but they are like I want them.  And all patterns are filed.  Woo Hoo!

I also reorganized most of my yarn.  I put a lot of it in the 2 file drawers that would not hold all of my cross stitch files. the top drawer is all AJHC Wools yarn.  Just love her yarn.  The 2nd drawer is mostly 2 skein project yarns.  It will be fun to rummage through the drawers when I want to start a new project.

yarn files

My ottoman is also home to some pretty yarn,  Mostly one skeiners.

Yarn storage

So that is what I have been up to.  Trying to keep myself a little busy and away from the tv, except to watch Vampire Diaries.  How are you spending your time these days?



12 thoughts on “Still At Home, Still Crafting

  1. TV wise I watch one particular half-hour bulletin then switch to English drama or comedy e.g. DCI Banks, Vera, Midsomer Murders. I am reading more, mostly romance, as my concentration is GONE by the time work is done. I work from home one day a week which has been a good re-set. I am stitching nearly every day and find it’s soothing as it nearly always is; I had the finish bug but now it’s the start bug! Trying to focus on one project a month.
    Will be keeping you in my thoughts. x


    1. Thank you, Paula. The world is a scary place right now. I am thankful for my hubbies, as long as I can concentrate on them.

      The start bug is trying to get at me, too. So far I have fought it off, but it is getting difficult, LOL. Be safe and keep on crafting 😉


  2. Ginny, I’m so sorry. I too have felt that way soo many times. Sending virtual hugs and some prayers your way. I love your projects, sorry wingspan is giving you issues it does look lovely though. I adore your bags and your stash! I have been getting in some good stitching time here and there and hopefully will have some finishes soon.


    1. Thank you, Craftingwithmomma. I just wish the world was not going through this pandemic. I pray that the scientists and doctors can create a vaccine that works very soon. I will continue with the Wingspan whenever I decide to sit in complete silence. My mind tends to wander when there is no background noise. Hopefully I can get through it without any problems. I am glad to hear that you are getting stitching time in. It does calm us. Take care and be safe.


      1. I wish the same thing often myself. I’ve found that playing some instrumental or Disney music helps me when my mind gets overwhelmed and I need to concentrate on the project. Hopefully you can get through it easily. Stitching can be such a great tool for the mind and the heart. Stay safe and be well!

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  3. Ginny, I don’t know if it’s better or worse that we’re all in the same boat and experiencing the same feelings. I guess we’re all finding solace in things that we can control, and I’m glad your hobbies are working for you. Reorganizing is fun when it’s not a pain 😉 and it’s great that you got some of it done for your supplies. Love the project bags – especially the mermaid one, it’s no wonder that one’s your favorite! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anita. We can all understand what we are going through, though I wish we were not going through this pandemic. Our hobbies will keep us somewhat sane.

      I love getting my project bags in the mail every month. It is a nice surprise when they arrive. The mermaid one is so cute and my favorite so far. I wonder what July’s bag will be?? Take care and be safe.


  4. Some days I feel like that too, just not interested in anything.
    Amphitrite is beautiful, as is Lady M.
    I don’t watch TV during the day at all, only a little bit at night.
    I try to stitch during the day, & crochet at night.
    Some places are open here, some not yet.


    1. It is different and difficult times we are living in. I have always been a news watcher. Way too much, but I feel it keeps me in the know. I am trying to back away from it more these days. Crafting will keep me busy and hopefully get me through. Take care and be safe.


  5. Oh wow you have done so much! Yay! Always great to get crafting stuff organized, one day I will do all of mine. Can’t wait to see you start the Queen Goddess of the Sea, she is so beautiful. I love her designs, they are all just so amazing.

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    1. Thank you,, Ivyjade234. Crafting keeps me busy and my mind somewhere else. I am happy that I am checking things off of my list. I am still trying to get my WIP’s done, so not sure when I will start Queen Amphitrite. I still have to get a piece of fabric her, and when I do start, it will be wonderful. For now, I will keep working on my started projects and finding things to organize and purge.

      Oh, just a FYI, the designer of Bella Fillapina Designs is a guy. He is pretty talented ❤

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