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Knitting, Cross Stitch and Vampire Diaries

Hi! How are you? Are you still hunkered down? Are you finding things to keep you busy? For me, the answer to both questions is Yes. I have submerged myself into crafting and watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I have been enjoying the series immensely and will be sad when I am finished. Which will be pretty soon, as I am on the last season. So I think I slowed down on the viewing, trying to drag it out as long as I possible can. So what have I been working on while I have been getting my Vampire fix?

Well, I finished stitching Lady Mirabilia. She turned out beautifully!

Just look at all of those sweet, sparkly beads!!
I love that the designer chose this design to commemorate her 25 years of designing Mirabilia designs.

I have pulled another WIP to work on, but haven’t stitched on it too much. I will post more about it in my next post.

I have done quite a bit of knitting. So much so, that my tennis elbow has flared up. So I have been wearing my brace and trying not to knit so much at one time. On July 28, I joined the Mermaids in the Waves shawl. It has mermaid in the title; I just had to 🙂

For this shawl, I decided on yarns from AJHC Wools. I chose colors Min and Blushing Bride (the variegated) both in Basic sock. I had it in my mind to do a Coral mermaid, and these colors are perfect.

I loved knitting this shawl so much. It took me 17 days, in between another knitting project. I will get to that one in a minute. It still needs blocking and I still have to figure out how to wear it, but I love it. I think I may need a shawl cuff. We’ll see. The pattern is by Softyarn Designs and is available on Ravelry.

So the other knitting project I started is the Sharon Show MKAL by Casapinka that started on August 7. I chose yarn from Miss Babs in some pretty pastel colors.

The yarn is Caroline, and I have mixed feelings about it so far. It has knitted up nicely, but so far 3 of the 4 balls have been a mess, coming out in hunks from the center. I have wound many, many cakes of yarn and this is the first time I have had this happen. That is why I am leaning towards it being the yarns fault 😉 This yarn creates some little fuzz balls that attach and tangle the yarn! How in the heck does that happen? And I have found some places where the double strand is broken 😦 So, I will see how this ends up. For now I will keep knitting.

Clue one complete.
Clue 2 complete

I am now working on clue 3 and I will try to get a better picture when I am finished. I am really enjoying the knitting on this one and so far, I have been able to watch the Vampires while knitting without any trouble.

Did you notice the knitting bag in my photo above? I had Clevergirl Designs make it to match my June project bag. It is so cute and was just perfect for the mermaid KAL. And here is my July Project Bag. My special order knitting bag arrived with it.

July Project bag and Mermaid knitting bag

Another mermaid project bag! Squee!! I forgot to get a picture of the back of it. But it has lots of cute mermaids on it. I will have to get a picture for next time. I received my August project bag on Friday. A sweet Summer theme!

August Project Bag

The back has the same fabric as the top. It is so cute and perfect for summer. I wonder what project I will put inside….

So this post has taken me many hours to do. WordPress has changed their format again, and I have no idea what I am doing. All these blocks keep popping up and boxes with a plus sign in them. I was just getting used to the old way. I really want the old way back. I do not like this block thing at all. But I got throughit with most of my now gray hair in tact. I had better hurry up and hit publish before I lose it all.

So that is what I have been up to. What have you been doing the last month and a half?

12 thoughts on “Knitting, Cross Stitch and Vampire Diaries

  1. I was so glad to see this update today. Lady Mirabilia is beautiful, I spent a good 10 minutes admiring your work. I love your mermaid shawl, those colored are perfect compliments to each other. Those projects bags are fantastic.There’s been a lot of crafting in my house too accompanied by lots of frogging🐸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I know that I cram a lot into one post and often wonder if it is too much. I need to learn to post more often. Thank you for all the nice things you have said about my projects. I am glad to hear that you are getting a lot of crafting time in, too. The frog visited my house, too. I frogged quite a bit on my mermaid shawl. Too much tv and not enough paying attention. I do hope that the frog has left your house and gone back to the pond now.


  2. Lady is gorgeous.
    Your shawls are pretty, as are the project bags.
    I’ve been doing finishing & stitching Fall things.


  3. Love your projects, Ginny! Your cross stitch projects are always awesome, and this one is no exception – you’ve done a wonderful job with a beautiful design. Glad you’re having fun on your knitting projects (yarn trouble notwithstanding.) The project bags are just as adorable as ever, I love looking at them every time you post about them.


    1. Thanks so much. I have been doing well with my elbow. Wearing my brace and have spread out the knitting over several days instead of working so much in one day. It is getting better. And when it does start to hurt, I put the knitting down. Since I finished the 3rd clue this morning, I have a couple of days to rest before the next section comes out. So back to cross stitching for me tonight 😉


  4. Oh wow! I love the finished Mirabilla piece. It is so beautiful! Your knitting shawls are amazing too. The one you said you aren’t sure if you like it or not, I think is just so beautiful. Even though the yarn keeps tangaling up I do hope that you finish it, it has so many pretty colours and the knitted pattern is just so pretty.


    1. Thank you, Ivyjade234. Miss Mirabilia has been rolled up and tucked away until I can find a reputable framer some day. I already miss my framer and just not ready to go out and find another.
      The shawl turned out beautifully and I do love it! So soft with that little bit of cashmere in it. I will be able to wear it soon, I’m sure.

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