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Stitching Keeps Me Sane

Wow! 2 posts in one week! That must be a record for me. Instead of making lengthy posts once a month or so, I am going to try to post more frequently. Unless I don’t have anything to share.

This morning I finished Clue #3 of the Sharon Show Shawl by Casapinka.

Clue 3

This clue has been my favorite so far. I am loving all of the different textures. This is my first time knitting a Casapinka pattern, and I have been quite pleased with the directions, the patterns and that I can watch tv while knitting. But I have mostly found myself doing a lot of thinking while knitting. Let’s just say that I have thought out a lot of different things. I feel better about some things and still concerned about other. But being able to think things out is good for the soul.

A few nights ago I pulled out a cross stitch project that needs some love. I haven’t stitched on it very much because of all the knitting. But the block on the right side was empty when I pulled it out.

Passione Ricamo 20 year anniversary piece

Sorry that the picture is a little dark. I thought I had taken a better picture. Anyway, I have started stitching the last block in this row. This is the 20 Year Anniversary piece from Passione Ricamo. I am stitching on 16ct Aida Nantucket Sky from Fabrics by Stephanie. I am hoping I can get this one finished this go around. I am itching to start a new cross stitch project, but so far I have resisted. It does feel good to finish things up. Including this one, I have 6 WIP’s left. There is another one that has maybe 25 stitches in. I’m not counting that one. And another that has been started, but I didn’t like working on the fabric, so it is still in the air as to whether I will continue with that one or not.

That leaves me to a reading goal I have set for myself. I have read a couple of books during this lockdown time. Then I decided that I want to read a series I have put off for a while.

Women’s Murder Club Series

I have been collecting these books for quite some time, and a few weeks ago I decided now is the time to start reading them. I finished book 2 today. My goal is to finish them all by the end of the year. I’m not a fast reader as I usually only read at lunch time or when I am out waiting for an appointment. Not that I go out to any appointments now, so I have lunch time. But I am going to try to read more. I know I am missing book 13 and a few more have been added to the series. I have read quite a few of James Patterson’s books and I really like the short chapters. It does make it easier to get through. “Just one more chapter” LOL.

That is what I am up to. Have you made any recent goals for yourself?

10 thoughts on “Stitching Keeps Me Sane

  1. love the knitting . . . cross stitch is beautiful . . . and wow! that’s a big pile of books to get through but James Patterson will have you hooked after the first book ^^

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    1. Thank you, craftinwithmomma. I do have a couple of other Casapinka patterns in my Ravelry. The Breathe and Hope shawl for one 😉 I will get to them all some day. It’s nice to have options. It is nice to sit with a book and just forget everything else. Especially when the book is really good.

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  2. Gorgeous knitting. I love knitting different textures. I’ve recently been knitting a hat and some fingerless gloves for my daughter. Knitting is something I’ve never tired of. I don’t bother to make goals these days. I had enough of deadlines when I used to work LOL. I just had a quick look on Ebay for your missing book. There’s lots of very cheap second hand copies for sale. I’ve never read any of James Patterson before. Might have to give him a try.

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    1. Knitting is something I never tire of either. It is great to have different hobbies. I will never be bored 😉 I have not knitted fingerless gloves, but I do have 2 patterns for them and can’t wait to get to them some day. I think just about every James Patterson book that I have bought has been 2nd hand. He puts them out so fast to keep up at my reading pace. Thank you for the heads up on Ebay.

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