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Rainy Days and Stitching

This summer has been such a rainy summer so far. It is raining again today. Rainy days are perfect for being inside and crafting or snuggling up with a soft blanket and a good book. I usually spend mine crafting or cleaning. Today I did a little knitting and a little cross stitching. I will show you what I am cross stitching on, but first let me show you what I finished last week.

Dark Queen of the Seas

Well, she is not actually finished, but I finished section 11 and am now caught up. The 12th and final section will come out August 1. I am assuming it will be backstitching and beading. I did skip 2 elements; her crown and the corner ornaments. I am for sure leaving off the corner elements. I haven’t fully decided about the crown, but I am leaning towards leaving it off also. II think she looks fine the way she is. The fabric is 16ct Aida Iris and is actually purple and blue, but with all of the rainy days, I haven’t been able to get a good photo. Hopefully the next time I photograph her, I will capture her true colors. So now what am I cross stitching on?

20 Year Celebration

I have pulled out the 20 Year Celebration from Passione Ricamo. I have the block I am working on to finish, and below this row, there is another row of 4 blocks to do. And then beading on all of the blocks. This is such a fabulous design and I will be so thrilled to finish it. The fabric is 16ct Aida Nantucket Sky. So perfect for all of the fairies.


Here is my progress on Jolie. It is a relaxing knit and the yarn is so nice to work with.

Jolie Sparkle

Can you see the sparkle? The yarn band says it is Gold Stellina, but it is clearly silver (which I prefer). I love it! This is going to be a light and airy shawl, so delicate. Yarn is from Britty Rae Knits.

So that is what I have been up to on this rainy day today. What do you like to do on rainy days?

15 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Stitching

  1. Dark Queen is beyond beautiful – I just love her! Your current projects seem to be coming along well. The sparkle on the yarn seems just right, and the shawl suits the yarn so well.


  2. Wow fabulous needle work and your knitting is coming a long well. It’s quite hot here at the moment so I’m trying to improve my crochet as a bit sweaty knitting. Keep up the marvellous work ❤️


  3. Ginny, your dark queen is just beautiful! I’m still working on part 9 and 10. I love love 20th anniversary piece, that’s going to be amazing when it finished. Your shawl looks so pretty too! Enjoy those rainy crafty days!


    1. Thank you, Craftingwithmomma. I am so glad to be past sections 10 and 11. So much purple!! Looking forward to the final section to get the Queen finished. The 20 year anniversary piece is such a beautiful collection of Passione Ricamo’s fairies. It has been a WIP of mine for several years and I would love to finish it this go round. Fingers crossed 😉


  4. The Queen is gorgeous!
    Your knitting is always so pretty.
    I am winding down after camping for 3 days!
    It was a blast though!


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I am enjoying the knitting and patiently awaiting the final section of the Queen to be released on August 1. Glad to hear you had a great time camping. It is great to get away from the everyday and get recharged.


  5. Dark Queen is a majestic beauty. You do such wonderful needle-crafting.
    Your shawl is looking really pretty.
    I bet all your projects finished up beautifully.
    I hope you’ll share the finished updates sometime.


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