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Hi! How can it be November already? The last post I made was in July! Everything is fine, just busy I suppose. I spent part of the summer getting the spare bedroom ready for my Mother-in-Law’s visit in September. That was fun. I turned it into “The Mermaid room”. My MIL really liked the room. She visited for a month and we had lots of fun. We visited the zoo, went to a wedding, went up north, did lots of shopping, knitting and I taught her to do Diamond Painting, which I think she really enjoyed.

So, let me back-track and see where I left off over the summer…Oh yes. The Jolie Shawl. I finished it and it turned out very nice. So soft and sparkly.

Jolie Shawl

The pattern was from the July 2021 Seed Club from the Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan. I don’t think the pattern is up on Ravelry yet, but you can contact the shop if you are interested. The yarn is from Britty Rae Knits and is just scrumptious.

I have also finished a cross stitch I was working on.

Dark Queen of the Seas

The Dark Queen is finished. I did leave off the corner elements and the crown. I also left off a ton of back stitching on her tentacles. Lots of gold lines and symbols. I thought her tentacles looked fine as is and that would have been way to much backstitching for me. I am not a fan of backstitch, so the less, the better 😉 Design is by Autumn Lane Stitchery. Fabric is 16ct Aida Iris from Fabrics by Stephanie.

I also finished these:

Summer Lady
Spring Fae
Iris Goddess

I have a few more finishes to share next time, including the full 20 Year Celebration.

So what have you been up to the last few months?

12 thoughts on “November??

  1. Good on you for omitting the back-stitching on Dark Queen–I’m not a big fan either 🙂 although I admit it totally enhances the project! Love that you had a wonderful time with your family as well as with your stitching. Your finishes are absolutely beautiful. ❤️


  2. Your shawl is beautiful, & I love Dark Queen.
    Congrats on all of your finishes.
    Your MIL room sounds nice & glad she had fun doing crafts.
    I am still stitching Fall pieces, my favorite season.


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. The mermaid room turned out really cute. Still a few things to do to it, but it is functional. The bed in there is a day bed, so I have also enjoyed curling up there with a good book.
      Enjoy stitching on your fall pieces. It is the best season, but usually is way too short here. I am enjoying the changing colors.


  3. Wow the Dark Queen is amazing. I am not a fan of backstitching either. I agree that sometimes it looks better without it. More free. Love the shawl too.


  4. You must’ve been posting this blog, about the same time that I was commenting on your last blog post. 😀
    I see, I was right, Your projects are just gorgeous. Love the shawl, I bet it feels like a dream softly hugging you.
    Your MIL is a lucky lady. I’m so glad you spent so much time and heart in making her visit special. You are a wonderful DIL.


  5. Your Darin Queen looks wonderful! I think it is a credit to the designer that she looks as good without the backstitch decorations as she does with them stitched on. Her face is exquisite too.


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