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A Mermaid and A Shawl

Hello, friends! So today I am going to chat about what is on my needles now; both knitting and cross stitch. Let’s start with the knitting. When my Mother-in-law visited in September, we went to the local yarn shop. The shop was having a Berroco Trunk show, and MIL found a shawl that she loved. She asked if I would knit it for her. Of course I agreed. I already had the book that the pattern was in, and she purchased the yarn. Last week I started it.

Marit Shawl

The pattern is the Marit Shawl and is in Berroca Book 428 – Topaz. It is also available on Ravelry. So I started it and it is the weirdest construction I have ever done. I am told it is Entrelec knitting. It is a little confusing at first, but I have learned that if I look ahead to see whether the next row is knitted on the right side or the wrong side, I am good to go. I think I just start second guessing myself and then confuse myself. The diagram included also helps. So I started knitting away on a 7 US needle.

Lovely colors

I was getting the hang of the pattern and enjoying the knitting. I am not so sure about the yarn. It is Topaz from Berroco. It goes from thin to thick, hence the lumpy look in many spots. I need to grow to love this yarn as I purchased quite a bit of it in another colorway for a cardigan for myself. And then I happened to look up the pattern on Ravelry (I don’t even remember why) and noticed that my squares were a bit smaller that the picture. So I started looking at the stats and the Ravelry pattern suggests a size 9 US needle. What?? The book pattern suggests a 7 US needle. Oh my gosh! So I had to rip it all out. Yep, frogged the whole thing, and it was not easy. This yarn is a bit fuzzy, so it took me quite some time to try to carefully rip it all out. OK. On to start number two.

Second Start

So on Tuesday I re-started the shawl. My squares are definitely bigger and it is going faster this time around.

Marit Progress

This is where I left off last night. I will say that this pattern is so fun and at times, I say to myself, “one more block.” And then I have knitted 3 more. I just want to keep going with it. But usually I knit in the morning while having my coffee. I didn’t get to do that this morning, so I may be knitting “a few blocks” tonight. But evenings and nights are usually reserved for cross stitching. Which brings me to talk about what I am stitching X’s on these days.

When I finished The Dark Queen, I immediately went to my WIP stack and pulled out Pearl, of The Orient Seas from Bella Filipina. I started her in August of 2019.

Start on Pearl in August 2019

This is what she looked like when I picked her up in October.


This pattern is very heavily beaded and has lots of Kreinik threads. So there is going to be lots of holes left for adding many, many beads in the end.


She has a very skinny body leading down to her tail. Oh good, that should go rather quickly. And then there is beautiful tail! Here is where I am at now.

Pearl, Of the Orient Seas

She is coming along nicely and I am determined to stick with her until finished. I am stitching her on a one of a Kind 16ct aida from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.

So, that is what I have been up to. What are you working on?

17 thoughts on “A Mermaid and A Shawl

  1. that knitting pattern looks quite a challenge and gives a very interesting design! love the progress on your latest mermaid too.


  2. The shawl is unique, but pretty.
    Pearl is absolutely beautiful.
    I am working on a scissor fob by Shepherd’s Bush, but will make it into a pincushion instead.


  3. Entrelac is a lot of fun, isn’t it? I’d once knit a pullover with smaller entrelac squares, and I still love it. Glad you figured out the size difference earlier–if later, I’d definitely find it difficult to decide whether to frog the project and restart, or to keep going and modify the pattern.

    I admire how easily you resume old projects–I do keep notes on my work, but if I ever have to pick up an old WIP, I think I’d feel a bit lost (at least initially) while I try to get back the feel and rhythm of the project.


    1. Oh I bet that Entrelec pullover was stunning! It is fun and addiciting. Which is why my hand is hurting today, though better than last night. I could barely grip my cross stitch needle last night. So today is a rest day.

      Sometimes it is a challenge picking up an old project. Especially a pattern with multiple pages. Usually I don’t have too much of a problem. The 20 year Celebration piece gave me a few challenges. It is good to get back into the groove of the project again. That is why I hate for a project to end. You get so familiar with it and you just stitch and stitch with the familiar colors and symbols. Then when finished, you have to learn a new project. Thankfully it doesn’t take long and I am moving my needle in that comfortable rhythm again.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Entrelac looks quite challenging. The shawl is going to be beautiful. You’re doing a wonderful job on it.
    You’re a true mermaid artist. You do such fine and delicate work with the stitches. She’s coming along lovely.


    1. Thank you, E.C. The Entrelac is rather easy, just picking up stitches. Keeping focused on the direction and where to pick up is just a matter of paying attention. It definitely is a weird construction.
      My mermaid is coming along. The tail is done, so moving up to the top half. There will be a lot of beading on this one.


    1. I’ve just posted a picture of my latest Spooky Shop for my Halloween conversion of Main Street in answer to your question about what we’re all stitching!


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