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Stitching, Knitting and Shopping

Hello blogging friends. The temps are getting cooler here after a few days of surprisingly wonderful warm and sunny days. The dreaded white stuff is coming though. About an inch or two of snow is predicted for this weekend 😦 Are you a fan of snow and cold weather? I am not looking forward to winter and can only hope that it will fly by as fast as my summer did.

I need to plan out some projects for the winter. But for now, let’s talk about what I am stitching on right now.

Pearl’s Tail

I finished the tail on Pearl of the Orient Seas, minus the beads. I have moved scrolls to the middle of the design to work upwards.

Progress on Pearl

While I am enjoying the stitching on this one, the colors are starting to bring me down and I am getting the itch to start something new. I am trying really hard to resist, but I do see some smaller projects creeping into my plans. For now, I stitch on 🙂 Just to remind you, the design is Pearl of the Orient Seas by Bella Filipina Designs. Fabric is 16ct aida, a one of a kind dye from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.

The Marit Shawl by Amy Christoffers is still on my needles. It is going well, but still looking a little small to me.

Marit shawl

I am actually on the decrease tier now and making half triangles for the top edge.

Almost finished!

Maybe blocking will give me the size I need. This shawl will also have tassels.

Now onto the shopping as mentioned in my title. Last week Shop Hop started at local yarn shops. I decided not to shop hop this year, but just visit my very local shop, The Knitting Nest. I picked up some yarn for the newly published on Ravelery, Urchins and Scallops shawl from Soft Yarn Designs. This one should definitely be put into my winter knitting plans 😉

Shop Hop Haul

After getting home, I realized the yarn colors are very similar to the colors used in the pattern. I think they are perfect. The lovely shop owners also pointed out that they had some new stitch markers that they knew I would be interested it. Mermaids! Yes, please. And I couldn’t help but pick up another Project Bag by CleverGirl Designs. This one is a little bigger than the bags I usually order from her. It just fits into the bin I keep them in, but is taller than the other bags. I don’t think I can ever have too many of Kristine’s bags. Hubby ordered me another year of the Bag of the Month from her in August. I have received August, September and October, but I cannot find the pictures. Today I was surprised with the November and December bags and they are Awesome! Here is my November bag…ready?

Front of the Gnomie bag

Oh my gosh! It’s Gnomies!! so stinking cute! I LOVE it! And here is the back;

Cute Gnomes project bag (back)

My December bag was just as awesome.

Mermaid bag and Floss Catcher

She knows my love for mermaids and I do love this one. In fact, it matched the mask I was wearing when I went to the yarn shop to pick them up. Did you catch that cute Seashell zipper pull/progress marker? So cute! And check out that cute wallet looking matching piece! Have to show the back and the open wallet, too!

Mermaid set

Just look at that cute little Floss Catcher! I just love all of Kristine’s bags. They are so well made and her attention to detail and choice of fabrics is amazing. You can find her on Instagram @clevergirldesignsco

This is how I store my CleverGirl Project Bags.

Bins of Project Bags

There are 20 bags in these bins. It doesn’t include the one I am using for Pearl or the 2 new ones I picked up today. I can still use some more, LOL

Another bin full of projects

This been is full of not so pretty bags filled with wonderful projects. Some day it will be filled with pretty CleverGirl Design bags.

While at the Yarn Shop today, I was looking for even more yarn. This time for a sweater. Yep, a sweater, not a shawl! I haven’t made a sweater in years and I think I need to add one to my winter stitching plan 😉 I didn’t buy any, as I need to figure out what I want to use. So, I am off to make a swatch. What are you up to? What are your crafty plans for the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Stitching, Knitting and Shopping

  1. Gotta love that Mermaid tail!
    The shawl is coming along nicely, & those bags are so pretty.
    i will be busy tomorrow patching some jeans for my nephew.


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. Hopefully the shawl will be completed this weekend. I just love my bags. The clear front lets me see what is inside without having to unzip all of the bags. Good luck with your patching tomorrow. And then find something fun to do.


    1. LOL, Claire. There are only a couple of projects in those bins that are actually started. The rest are projects I want to do and are kitted or partially kitted with fabric and embellishments. I also have two boxes of projects in another room with kitted projects. I really do have to go through them all and see if they are still projects that I want to do. It’s the designer’s fault! They keep coming out with more and more beautiful designs that I think I just have to have.
      I have actually been working on getting my WIP’s down to one project at a time. I have been making pretty good progress in the last couple of years. I think I have 5 or 6 projects started that I plan on finishing. One day at a time, right?


  2. Your mermaid is looking really good. I know what you mean about the itch to stop and do other projects. I’m in the midst of crocheting 3 separate projects right now and itching to get started on a new diamond painting. 😉
    Your Marit shawl is coming along wonderfully.
    Love the gnomies and magical mermaids. It’s’ true one cannot have too many craft bags, especially like Kristine’s bags, such pretty ones.
    There’s nothing better than a neat and tidy storage. You did a good job matching bins with the size of bags.
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


    1. Thank you, E.C. I did manage to finish the mermaid without starting another major project. I did stitch a couple of small ornaments. Just the right size for a good distraction from Pearl. I finished the Marit shawl and wrote a post about it this evening 😉 I had a nice Christmas day with Hubby. I hope that your Christmas was a joyful one.

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