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Happy New Year!

Hello my blogging friends! Happy 2023! I hope that your 2023 is filled with Love, Health and Happiness. The last few years I have chosen a word that describes what I want for the new year and this year I have landed on Determined. I am determined to finish things, determined to use things up, determined to be more patient, determined to cook more, get upset less and determined to be a better person. This last year I have been so overwhelmed with “stuff” so my biggest thing is to use up what I have, like yarn and cross stitch and scrapbook products. And to get rid of what “no longer gives me joy”. It will be a long process, but a process that I am determined to work on this year. I only finished 2 cross stitch projects this year, and both were early in 2022. I did not finish the 2022 MSAL from Fox and Rabbit. The December section is quite large. I am almost finished 1/4 of the section and the 2023 MSAL came out yesterday and I think I want to stitch that one, too. But not until I finish the 2022 one. Here is where I am with it.

I am almost finished the top of the border. I am stitching this one on 16ct Aida Winter Wishes from Fabrics By Stephanie. The threads are DMC 115 and 902 for backstiching. It seems like it has been very slow going, but I didn’t get to work on it much in December because I did do a lot of knitting.

I made lots of Fingerless Mitts for family and a few scarves which I didn’t get pictures of. The pattern for these mitts is a FREE pattern from Premier Yarns and is called Sideways Wrist Warmers. I loved making these for everyone in different bulky yarns. I added my new garment tags to each one, too.

I ordered these tags from The Beam City. They turned out so cute! I was so excited to see that they had a mermaid option. I will be putting these tags on all of my future knits 😉

Which brings us to what I am currently knitting on.

I pulled this one out of my stash in November and started it but couldn’t get past the first couple of rows. I was about to throw in the towel, but decided to go to my Local Yarn Shop and get some help. Cris figured out my mistake in no time. I had some purls and yarn overs which I know to go all the way around my needle for the YO, but I didn’t realize that I didn’t need to go around the needle the extra time when the next stitch is a knit stitch. With the repeats, that is where my extra 4 stitches were coming from. So I started over and have been fine with it since. Didn’t get to work on it too much with making all of those mitts, but I have made progress.

It is the Marin Cowl by Juliana Lustenader (Knit by Jules).

Just look at that cute little mermaid! She is actually a charm that I purchased at our local Aquarium when I visited there in November. I thought she would be perfect for a progress marker. And she is definitely perfect for this project.

It is growing. Can you see all of the waves? The yarn is Cozy Worsted from Speckled Finch Studios in color “From The Deep”. The yarn is so soft and squishy and the colors so beachy!

So that is what I have been stitching on. I hope to get more stitching in this year and I am going to try harder to post here on my blog more often. One other thing I want to mention before I end this post is for my cross stitching friends. Have you heard of the Design and Fabric Viewer? Have you used it in the past? For those that have not heard about it, it is a website where you can match cross stitch patterns to fabrics to see how designs will look on different fabrics. Today a new version of the site was launched and it is now FREE to customers to use and you can store up to 100 of your favorite selections. You do have to create an account so that your favorites can be saved. If you have not used this site before, you need to check it out. And for those that have, go check out the new version. I have firsthand knowledge of the work that has gone into developing this new version and it is awesome. I didn’t get paid for this review, but I do know the master behind the screen, LOL. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. You can also join the private group on facebook to see updates and leave comments there.

Again, I wish you a Wonderful, Happy, Healthy, full of Love 2023 and I hope all of your dreams come true.

So that is what I have been up to. What are your goals for the New Year?

Happy Stitching!


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Your tags came out GREAT! I love the color of your Marina cowl, it’s coming out so beautifully!
    Isn’t it amazing how you can be so stuck, and when you go to your LYS, they immediately know where you went wrong. It’s like they are magic or something.
    I admire your determination, and look forward to keeping up with your progress! Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you, Siunkelan. I am so happy with my new tags! Beam City did a great job and was pretty quick in delivering and having the Mermaid option was a win, win! I am in awe of those knitters that can take a look at a project and know what the problem is. Such a talent! I hope that my determination will win out in all situations this year. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I have been enjoying putting those cute new tags on many projects already and look forward to adding them to all of my projects this year, too. I am pretty sure that the Marina Cowl will be the first finish of this year. I am taking my time with it, though, and enjoying the knitting process. Happy New Year!


    1. Nanacathy2, it appears that we have similar ideas for the new year. I hope that we both will be determined in using up and getting rid of what no longer is needed.
      The Cozy Worsted yarn is so nice to work with. It is very spongy and it is not often that I use worsted weight, so I am really enjoying it.


  2. Happy new year, Ginny! I love your word for 2023, and hope you accomplish your goals and plans for the year. I never get tired of all the mermaid versions you show us–be it adorable charms or magnificent cross-stitch projects. 🙂 I too am progressing on the Fox & Rabbit Dec section at a snail’s pace, and seeing that the 2023 MSAL is huge too, my first thought is that I might just skip it. I’ll nevertheless look forward to your progress and updates. Great going on the yarny projects, by the way! ❤️


    1. Happy New Year, Anita. I am looking forward to de-stashing this year. I have already started on my craft room and making great progress. The December section of the 2022 MSAL is a bear! I have only finished one edge. I am not sure I when or if I will start the 2023, but I have ordered fabric and have threads in my stash. It will be there when I decide to do it. I started the last one late, so who knows. I have already seen some great starts in the group.

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  3. You have a busy year planned. I look forward to your progress updates.
    Your msal is really pretty.
    That’s a lot of fingerless mitts. Your family is lucky to have them.
    I agree, your tags are so cute. The mermaid is so tiny and dainty.
    You’re doing a fabulous job on the cowl. The colors suit the stitch pattern perfectly.
    Love the wee mermaid progress marker. If I were you, she’d make me smile each time I’d look at her.
    Wishing you a year full of joy and happiness!


    1. I do have a busy year ahead of me, E.C., but I am looking forward to it. I started with trying to make my craft room less cluttered and more functional and have already been tackling some paper crafting projects. I know that getting everything done this year is impossible, but I do hope to make big dents into all the stash. I look forward to my progress and will be sure to post about it. I wish you a year of health, happiness, joy and lots of crafting.

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  4. I love the Fox and Rabbit designs but they are so enormous! Maybe if I dropped all my other projects and just did that one. I also love the colours you chose for your version.
    I wear a lot of fingerless wrist warmers but they have to be very fine knit or I can’t type and use the till wearing them!
    I was so excited when I heard your husband was going to keep The Viewer going, I’ve used it for years and it’s one of the best resources out there.


  5. Joanne, the Fox and Rabbit designs are quite large, but it is a nice break each month from whatever I am doing. A small section each month makes it seem less of a large design. I really want to start the new 2023 one, but I haven’t finished 2022 yet. I did order fabric and have threads in stash so I can get started whenever I want to join in. The December section of 2022 is a monster!

    I, too, am happy that hubby has taken over the viewer. He has been a big part of it the last couple of years, so I am glad to see that he is getting credit for all of his hard work. It is a great tool and he is trying to find ways to make it better for both stitchers and dyers.


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