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First Finish of 2023

Hello my blogging friends. The sun is shining here in Michigan and the temperatures have been above normal this winter. I am not complaining at all. The days have been gray, so it is nice seeing the sun the last couple of days.

I have finished my first project of 2023 and I absolutely love it! If you remember, I started this knitting project in November and hit a bump in the road and couldn’t get past the first couple of rows. I then went to my LNS where the knit expert there figured out my issue in no time. I wasn’t able to spend time really getting it going until December 1.

I finished knitting the length and then I put the stitches onto waste yarn and put it on the blocking mats.

I really love this photo. It shows the wave pattern so beautifully. After it dried, I pulled it off of the blocking mats and put the working stitches onto a straight needle. Then I had to carefully put the stitches from the provisional cast on, back onto another straight needle. If anyone has an easy way to undo the provisional cast on to get those stitches back onto a needle, I would love to hear about it. I have only done a provisional cast on one other time, and it was a bit difficult to get those stitches out then also. I think that is the hardest part of this pattern, LOL.

On to the 3 needle bind off. I have only bound off a project like this one other time. It was for the Market Bag I made. It is not a hard bind off, but a little tricky deciding which needle to use to bind off the stitch. I used the back needle. But it was easy to get into a rhythm and went rather quickly. I then wove in the 2 threads and it was finished.

I LOVE how this turned out. If I were to make it again, I would make it a bit longer as the I-cord edges are not very stretchy so I have to remember to take off my glasses before putting it over my head. I was nearing the end of the skein and didn’t think I had enough yarn to do another 7 rows of the pattern. But all in all, this was a wonderful pattern with so many elements involved. (1) The I-cord edges – makes for a very beautiful finish on the edges. This was knitted sideways, so the I-cord was created at the beginning and the end of the rows. (2) The Provisional Cast On – This was done so that the stitches can be put on a needle for binding off. (3) Putting working stitches on a waste yarn to be able to block the project before finishing. (4) 3 Needle Bind Off – A great way to seam the 2 edges together stitch for stitch.

I totally enjoyed knitting this cowl. The wave pattern is just beautiful and is quite visible even with the variegated yarn I used. I bet it would be gorgeous in a solid yarn, too. The details…The pattern is the Marina Cowl by Juliana Lustenader and is available on Ravelry. The yarn I used is Cozy Worsted by Speckled Finch Studios in color From the Deep.

I have already worn this cowl several times and it is so soft on my neck and keeps me warm. It has been the neck accessory I have been reaching for since finishing it. I may have to have a few more in different colors 😉

So that is my first finish of 2023. Hopefully I will have many more finishes to come this year. My craft room has been taking up a lot of my time this month. I have been replacing, rearranging, purging, and moving things around. That is for another post. What have you been up to this month?

Happy Stitching!


19 thoughts on “First Finish of 2023

  1. I am not a knitter so much went over my head, but I do love the cowl!! Good on you for your first finish of the year!!

    I love your set up for blocking. Will it work for crocheting too?? I’d love to know how you put it together.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to work on next!
    Happy Crafting!


    1. Absolutely that set up is also great for chrochet projects. They are interlocking blocking boards so you can put them into any shape that will accommodate your project. You can use individual blocking pins, or the “comb pins” like in my photo. They just push into the foam blocking mats. When I first saw them at the knitting shop, they reminded me of the interlocking foam pads that you may see in pre-school classes or day care. Not sure who had them first?? LOL

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  2. That’s such a lovely cowl, Ginny, and it’s wonderful that you’re enjoying wearing it! Congratulations on your first finish of the year. (Looks like your craft room is seeing a lot of activity. 🙂 )

    On the matter of the provisional cast on, there’s also Judy’s Magic Cast-On; you use two needles instead of one working needle + scrap yarn, and the first row remains open on the spare needle–so convenient when you get back to working on the row. I’m not sure if it gets in the way of blocking, however.


    1. It does seem like January is the time for purging and arranging. All that new year stuff. My birthday is in January, so hubby bought me a couple of storage units that are smaller and better for my desk. It is not so cluttered and crazy looking now. Except when I am working there, LOL It does feel good to get rid of the excess and things I am not using or no longer need. I’m sure it will work until next January 😉


      1. I’m always knitting something, sometimes by hand and sometimes on a vintage machine. My latest projects have mostly been socks but I’ve made a few sweaters as well. I’m currently knitting a sweater with some wool that a friend passed to me because she no longer had a use for it. I tried two patterns and they weren’t working out the way I’d hoped so I unravelled. Attempt number 3 is now on the needles. I find knitting so much easier than stitching in the colder months when daylight hours are much shorter.

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