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Finish One, Start Another and My Blogaversary

Hello my blogging friends! How are you doing? The sun is partially out today, making my craft room bright. The perfect place to type out my post today.

So let’s start with my Blogaversary! Tomorrow will be my 11 year blogaversary! I truly cannot believe that it has been 11 years since I started this little ole’ blog of mine. I originally started this blog as a place to document my crafting and share with others. I can’t tell you how much joy it has brought me and how many wonderful people I have met. I appreciate each and every one of you that has stopped by to take a look at what I have been up to. I have enjoyed reading all of your wonderful comments as well. So for the next 6 days I will be having a giveaway. Each day I will post a picture of a giveaway and a code word for you to leave in your comment. On March 31, 2023 I will post the winners of all of the giveaways. I will post more at the end of the post. Now let’s get to my finish!

I have strictly worked on Holly Berry Pixie the last few weeks. This is where I was the last time I posted.

I finished all of the stitching and was so excited to start beading that I forgot to take a picture before the beading started.

So many beautiful, sparkly beads! I beaded the top portion while on my scroll frame. Then I switched to a large Qsnap.

When adding my beads, I use a thread that matches the color of the bead. If the beads are clear, then I use a thread that matches my fabric. I put a half stitch to attach my beads, from lower left, through the bead and down through the top right. This way my beads sit at an angle. It is not the only way to attach beads, but my preferred method. Putting a full cross stitch through the bead will attach the bead sitting straight up and down. Whichever way you want your beads to lay is totally up to you. The tray I use to hold my beads is a Tacky Bob. The name has changed to Tacky Bill. Not sure why, but the ones that I have are Tacky Bob’s. It looks like a small CD case with adhesive foam on both sides of the inside. I have always beaded with these and love them.

A picture of my stitchy spot. She is looking so beautiful! Almost done with this beauty!

And she is finished!! Sorry for the dark image. I had so much difficulty getting a good picture of her and the fabric. I am so happy with how she turned out. I will be looking for a framer this year to get her framed before the holidays. Now for all the details: She is Holly Berry Pixie from Bella Filipina Designs. Fabric is 16ct Aida, a One of A Kind from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics (she is no longer dying) and she is stitched as charted.

Once I finished Holly Berry, I immediately started a new project that has been ready for the last month.

This one is not my style of stitching, but it was a request from my oldest son. And when a child requests a cross stitch for his gaming room, you ask excitedly “what would you like?” He chose this design from an Etsy designer, Rack & Pinion. So I immediately purchased the PDF, went stash diving into my fabrics and pulled all of the threads. Everything was all ready to go. Here is my small start.

I am stitching this on 16ct Aida Everything Else from Mystic Fabrics. It is more of a cream color, not white like it looks in the photo. I will admit that this project is a little boring. I am not used to stitching just blocks of color. My son is in no hurry for it, so I can see myself doing other things in between stitching on this. Like some smaller projects. I have fallen down the hole of the Flosstube world and have seen so many smaller designs that I want to do. Well, I will be honest, I want to start all of the things!! But that would be a lot of WIP’s so I am restraining myself…for now. More about the flosstube world in another post, but how do you feel about flosstubes? Have you watched any? What are your favorites?

Now to that giveaway. Again, tomorrow is my 11 year blogaversary. So fun! I want to share some of things that make me happy. Bella Filipina has quickly become one of my very favorite cross stitch designers. So how about one of his beautiful designs?

This one is a beauty and she is in my stash to stitch someday. So if you would like a chance to win this pattern, put the word Reina in your comment on this post. I will choose a winner next Friday.

So that is what I have been up to. What are you creating?

Happy Stitching!


28 thoughts on “Finish One, Start Another and My Blogaversary

  1. Holly Berry Pixie is absolutely beautiful. I am still working on the cross stitch hearts. I had hoped to have them finished this year in time to put them out with my Valentines decorations but I am still working. I think I will frame it and put it out as soon as I finish, even if I do finish it before Valentine’s Day next year, because I love hearts all the time. Reina Mariposa looks beautiful and challenging. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  2. First off, Happy Blogaversary!! 11 years is a long time full of crafting fun and wonderful people I’m sure. I need to see when my blogaversary is now too lol

    Flosstube, oh where to begin! I am loving Flosstube! I have YouTube Tuesdays on my blog and most of them are of Flosstubers :-). My favorite is Mad Morti and her hubby/stitching partner, David. Another is RyRyMcGuy. He does amazing work too. Morti does Mirabilias though so she might be more up your alley.

    Holly Berry Pixie turned out so beautiful, well done!! like Southern Patches said, Reina does look both beautiful and challenging. I can’t wait to see you work on her.

    My son has asked for 1st Gen Pokemon for his gaming room so I understand how you feel about stitching for your children. It’s also not my kind of project, but when I get to it, I’ll be happy to do it for him.

    I hope you have another great year on your blog!

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    1. Thank you, Bkgriffinsnest, for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I missed my blogaversary last year, so I was for sure I didn’t want to miss it this year. Thank you for the flosstube suggestions. I will give them a visit. What we will stitch for our children, right? I definitely would stitch Pokemon. I was way into that with both of my boys when it first came out. I was even a gym leader. And still have my card collection 😉 It was a great way to hang out with my boys and enjoy what they were into.
      I look forward to another great year of crafting and blogging 🙂

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      1. Pokemon and Yugi-Oh and Dragonball were mostly what I remember watching and participating in when my boys were growing up. I had a complete collection for the eldest and a mostly complete for the youngest in Pokemon. Then Yugi-Oh came along, and my youngest was hooked into that too. lol

        The boys are both big fans of Lords of the Ring, HP and Dungeons and Dragons so lots of fun stuff to stitch lol

        Please do check out my YouTube suggestions but don’t feel obligated to do more than give them a once over. Not everybody likes the same thing happily.

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  3. Happy early blog-iversary! What a beautiful finish! You finished it very fast and I can’t wait to see what else you end up on working on. Big blocks of colour aren’t always the most fun but that type of project can be great when you don’t feel like doing much thinking and you can do just one block at a time. You could do something like a block a day then maybe it wouldn’t feel so boring cause you only have to stitch one block and then you can go to something more fun for you.


    1. Happy Blogaversary! I always enjoy seeing your various projects. My eyes are not what they used to be. Currently, I am searching for a new magnifier so I can stitch easily again.
      I haven’t watched floss tube. I wouldn’t know where to begin….
      Mirabilias, ButterNut Road, and Lavender & Lace are some of my favorite patterns. The Reina pattern reminds me of those. I love taking a pattern and adding distinctive touches to make it my own. I just imagine that pattern stitched with beautiful flosses!

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      1. Thank you, Gretchen, for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My eye doctor made me a pair of stitchy glasses-bottom magnified for stitching, the top so I can see the tv. I don’t know what I would do without them. I can feel my eyes straining, so it’s time for an update on them and my regular glasses. I have to stitch, LOL. If you want to get lost in the world of flosstube, just go to youtube and search flosstube and you will get lots to choose from. It’s like blogging, but with video’s.


    2. Thank you, Ivyjade234. It is good to see you back again. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really couldn’t put Holly Berry down. She was a wonderful stitch. I like your idea of doing a block of color a day. Little bits at a time will be good. Especially since I have already started another project, LOL

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  4. Happy Blogaversay and beautiful stitching! You take such lovely pictures too. Bella Filipina has such beautuiful designs and Reina is another of them.
    My current wips in rotation are The Lighthouse aphabet samplet from Bent Creek, a mermaid from Durenen Jones and a Olga Gostin tradional queenslander house.


    1. Thank you, Marielinton, for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Bella Filipina designs really are beautiful and I have quite the collection that I need to stitch up. Sounds like you have some wonderful projects going to keep you busy. Happy Stitching!


  5. Congrats on 11 years!!
    Holly Berry turned out so, so pretty.
    Neat project for your son’s game room.
    I love flosstube, but I get hooked on too many. 🙂
    I am finishing up Virtue by La D Da.


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me comments. Flosstube has really been quite the rabbit hold for me lately. Happy Stitching on Virtue. Sounds like you will have a finish soon.


  6. wow, didn’t take you long to stitch the Holly Berry Pixie and she’s gorgeous!
    Happy blog anniversary! I won’t join in the giveaway because I really don’t stitch much these days and that Bella Filipina chart really deserves to go to someone who will use it.


  7. Oh happy day! A blogaversary and a finished project!!
    Your stitching and beading and fabric is so beautiful and intricate. I predict you’ll be done with the dice project in no time! The colors are so vivid and happy, you won’t mid the boredom 😉


  8. Hi Ginny! How exciting to know of your Blogaversary; 11 years! That’s incredible. I think I started following you like 7 years ago (I think it was 2016) and it’s always a joy reading your updates and seeing your wonderful progress. I just wanted to say congratulations and wish you many many more years with your blog and the continued growth. Another congrats on your finished project! Holly Berry Pixie turned out beautiful and that fabric is wonderful for her. You have enabled me to buy it and stitch it! I bought everything at 123stitch.

    I don’t have any Bella Filipina patterns but Reina Mariposa is a beauty; I love butterflies. I would love to stitch her some day and picking her a my first Bella Filipina project will be great. Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thank you, KassCruz. I appreciate you following my blog 🙂
      You will love stitching Holly Berry! She was such a joy to stitch. 123 Stitch is where I also purchased her. They have become my new go to place for stitchy stuff.

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  9. Congratulations on your 11 year Blogaversary! I always enjoy your posts. Holly Berry Pixy is beautiful and your dice project will be lovely too although I understand it’s a challenge. It’s definitely not your typical stitching style. I’m currently chugging along on a project for my grand niece called Friendship Bears Picnic Game. It will be mounted in a beautiful wooden cabinet that holds all the “bear” playing pieces and special playing cards. ” Reina” would be a fun stich project that I would display in my quilting/crafting studio… my longarm sewing machine is custom painted in sparkle purple!


  10. Happy Blogaversary! Mine is coming up soon too.
    I think the dice pattern is perfect for stitching while watching FlossTube. I got into it a few years back but have discovered that a lot of the people I used to enjoy have become very self-publicising or even promoting products! I have whittled down the number I watch to a select few now and really enjoy those people.


    1. Happy Early Blogaversary!!
      You are right, the dice piece will be perfect for watching flosstubes. I have been watching while stitching the Spring Basket. I do find myself fast forwarding through a lot of them because they don’t show the sort of designs that I like. But I have found a whole list I have subscribed to. I am not sure how to find new ones as the same videos keep popping up when I log on. It is addicting, though!


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