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Shawlette Finish and a New Start

Hello my blogging friends! There is a lot of different weather going on outside of my craft room window today. Everything except the sun. It’s cold, very windy, raining, sleeting, snowing. The perfect day to be inside and hanging out with you 🙂 Since the calendar says it’s Spring, I am still hoping that it arrives soon.

So, earlier in the month I started the 22 Little Clouds shawlette using the February Wonderland Ocean series yarn. This is where I left off when I first posted about it.

The yarn was so nice to knit with, and the pattern was one of those that you really only needed to glance out every now and then. So I watched a lot of tv while knitting on this one.

I was so happy to see the subtle fade emerging. It is so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see more. So I kept knitting.

Wow! I really love how this yarn gently fades into the next color.

I loved it so much I finished it about 2 weeks ago. It still needs blocking, but it is finished and it turned out so cute! It was a great, quick one skein project. I don’t have a new project on my needles, but I did start a new project last night.

After all of the Flosstubes I have been watching, I decided I needed some small projects in my life. Things I can finish rather quickly, and into something other than a framing to hang on the wall. Especially since I am really out of wall space. So I ordered this one and it arrived a few days later. I dug into my stash for a piece of fabric and found a piece of 16ct Aida. I believe that the color is Dirty Aida.

And in a hoop! Wow! I can’t tell you the last time I used a hoop. I am a 2 handed stitcher, so using a hoop or Qsnap makes me feel like I am stitching very slowly. But it is relaxing and I am enjoying the stitching while watching more flosstubes, LOL

This is where I am at with this one. I just love all of the colors in this one. I really would have loved to stitch this on a white or light fabric, but since the birds and bunnies are white, I needed to go darker. I think I will be making this into a little pillow, but I may try my hand at framing it myself. The design area is about 5.5″ x 5.5″ so a small table top frame would be perfect. I am hoping I can get it finished by Easter.

So that is a little bit of what I have been up to since yesterday. And that brings me to my Giveaway #2 for my 11 year Blogaversary.

Since I also like to Crochet, I have hung onto this yarn for a special giveaway. This one I will have to limit to the US as I don’t know how the International shipping will be. When I special ordered yarn for my Nature’s Walk blanket, I way over bought and had all of this yarn left over. All full skeins except for the light pink at the top, but I don’t have a use for it so I threw it in.It is Comfort DK from Berroc and is so soft and squishy. Use code word YARN in your comment if you are in the US and would like the chance to win this. Tune in tomorrow for another giveaway. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Stitching,


17 thoughts on “Shawlette Finish and a New Start

  1. That shawlette is amazing!! The colors fade so prettily! I don’t knit, but I’d love to see if I could find this pattern in crochet! The yarn looks so pretty too.

    Do you have a picture of the Nature’s Walk project? Those colors make me wonder how it looks. Did you blog about it, I’ll go look for the post if you did.

    Stitching smalls can be very rewarding and fun to do. A table top frame could be a lovely finish to it. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    Happy stitching!


    1. The shawlette was a really cute pattern. I do hope you can find something similar in crochet. I did blog about the Nature’s walk blanket. I was so proud of myself for finishing that project as I am not that good at crochet. If you go to my crochet category it should pop up first there. I posted about it on October 3, 2022.


    1. The white really does look good on the dirty aida. I am happy with the fabric choice. I know that I have a lot of small designs in my stash. I just have to go through them and see what I want to stitch on. And I am keeping my eye out for new desings, too. There is another Crocette a gogo’ design that I have my eye on. It has a mermaid on it 🙂


    1. Thank you. I liked the green Color Street wraps for St. Patty’s Day, but I was so over it and I had broken a nail and the rest of my nails were gown out. I finally took it off this evening 😉 Now I am wearing purple.


  2. That’s a beautiful Cowl, love the fading, so pretty.
    Crocette a Gogo has some nice designs.
    Spring Basket is beautiful.
    I love YARN!


    1. The small shawl really did fade well. I really like that yarn.
      I know that Corcette A Gogo has a beachy pattern with a mermaid on it that I would like to get. I need to go see what else they have.


  3. Long lazy days crafting while waiting for spring… can anything be better?! Your work is really amazing, I would love to see that beautiful shawlette blocked (and marked with your special leather tag)! I love the color fade, it makes so unique!
    YARN is such a wonderful way to brighten the world!


  4. The shawlette is beautiful and I love the colors and the fade. Whenever I have yarn that fades from one color to another it seems like I knit or crochet extra fast to get to the next colors.


  5. Wow! Beautiful shawl you have made. I love the colours, they are so spring like. Like the new cross stitch start too. It’s always nice to have a few small ones in your WIP list. This year I have seven smalls and I have already finished two.


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