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Spring Basket Progress and Some New Things

Hello my blogging friends! How is your Sunday going? Mine was spent doing laudry, a visit from my kids and some stitchy time. Here is my progress on Spring Basket:

The design is not as small as I thought it would be. I was thinking it would go quicker than it is, but it is going well. I love the colors and have been thinking about fabrics I would like for the back if I do turn this into a small pillow. I think pink with coral flowers. We’ll see. Again, this is Spring Basket by Crocette a Gogo’ and I am stitching on 16ct Aida in color Dirty Aida.

So watching flosstubes has made me want to go through my stash and revisit my older patterns and fabrics and see what I have and what kit needs what. I do have the Xstitch app on my phone and am petty religious about putting new things in there and moving things that I start into the start section with a start date. But some of my patterns from 15-20 years or more ago are not in there. So that has been an ongoing project for the last week or so. I have the free version of the app, so there isn’t a place to put just a pattern. So when I buy a pattern and put it in the app, I have to put it in the kitted category even if it isn’t kitted. Kind of weird. But it reminds me of what I have. Do you use the XStitch app? Do you have the version that you have to pay for and do you like it?

One of my flosstube friends, Kenny, from Kenny Stitches showed some wonderful things he has added to his stash. One thing that really caught my eye was a Luca-S kit. I had never heard of this company before and had to find this kit:

This is White Santa with Christmas Tree. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful kit. I love the colors and just had to have it. I actually found this one on Amazon, so I didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive. I also love that it comes with 16ct aida fabric. Bonus for me as I pretty much only stitch on 16ct aida. And it comes with all the threads.

So beautifully laid out, too. They are Anchor threads and I don’t remember if I have ever used Anchor threads before. If I have, it may have been very little. I do have some Anchor threads kitted up for a Mirabilia conversion but haven’t started that one. The threads feel really nice on the cards and I am sure they will be fine. I think this kit is very well put together and I can’t wait to stitch on this one. I also could not resist adding this kit to my order while looking for the Santa:

Sakura. This is so adorable! I love Cherry Blossoms and the little Pixie is just so cute. It, too, came with a piece of 16ct white Aida and all of the threads.

Such beautiful colors! Those pinks and corals and tans just jump right out to me . I can’t wait to stitch this one up some day, too. I am really impressed with these kits. I love that the floss is wound on the cards and the symbols are printed above each thread. And if you look at the card on the right, there is a little hole to the right of the symbol that you can punch out to hang your extra threads until you need them. So nice.

I have one other project that I kitted up this week. This one showed up on Facebook from Tiny Modernist and just couldn’t resist purchasing it.

Hello, there is a little mermaid there! So you see why I could not resist. I don’t think I have stitched a Tiny Modernist pattern before, but I know that I have a few in my stash. Since I am not doing any SAL’s right now and this one is only 3 months long and it is small, I just had to jump on it. So I did a little stash diving for threads and fabric.

I found this small piece of 16ct Aida Cascade from Fabrics By Stephanie and thought it would be perfect for an ocean themed project. It is perfectly sized, too, so I think it was meant to be 🙂 I decided I want to do them in the specialty threads, but there is a DMC conversion also. I think the threads go well with the fabric. The Sea Glass color may be a little iffy, but we’ll see when we get there. I already can’t wait for the first of April!

That is all I have to share today except for my giveaway #3.

Since Mirabilia is another one of my favorite designers, I couldn’t leave one of her patterns out of my give-away. I purchased 2 of this pattern, Blossom, last March. One for me and one for a give-away for last year’s blogaversary, but it got away from me. So I put it aside for this year. I started stitching this one last year and have been wanting to get back to her the last couple of months. When I go to pick up one of my WIP’s, she is the one I will grab. So use code word MIRABILIA in your comment if you would like a chance to win this pattern. I will draw a winner for this and my other 2 giveaways on March 31.

Happy Stitching!


14 thoughts on “Spring Basket Progress and Some New Things

  1. I’m really glad you chose to go with Dirty Aida instead of white or cream since, as you said, those colors are in the pattern and would’ve definitely been lost. As it is, it’s looking smashing!! Your choice of fabric for backing if you do a pillow finish sounds like it’ll work just fine.

    The Luca-S kits look gorgeous especially the cherry blossom one! That pixie really is cute!! I’ve only used Anchor threads once, many manty eons ago, lol, but I don’t think I had a bad experience with them. I’m going to go check them out, see if anything grabs me – just don’t tell all my other projects I’m doing that. 🙂

    The Blossom Mirabilia looks wonderful too. I bet she has like a million beads!

    You’re doing some awesome work, and I love seeing it all. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. I do like the stitching on the Dirty Aida. I am glad I went with it, too. I could have made the bunnies gray, but they wouldn’t be the same.
      I look forward to stitching on the Luca-S kits some day. I think Anchor floss will be fine.
      It’s been so long since I worked on Blossom, I can’t remember if she is heavily beaded or not. But I love beads and beading, so it will be fun.


  2. Flosstubes are addicting & enabling.
    I also drool over some of the Luca-S kits, all so very pretty.
    Love that fabric for your next project, it’s perfect!


    1. You are right, Marilyn. Flosstubes are addiciting and enabling! I watch them all the time now and I want to start everything! Adn buy more stuff! Which I have resisted on both counts so far. It’s getting harder though.
      One day I am going to have to dig deeper into the Luca-S world and see what else is out there. I love the 2 that I purchased.


  3. Progress on your Spring Basket is looking lovely. The Cherry blossom is going to be so pretty too. Maybe we’ll convert you to having several wips on the go
    The anchor threads will be fine. Like a lot of people | use anchor black instead of 310. The Mirabilia looks so beautiful too.


    1. Thank you, Marielinton. I am really loving Spring Basket and am getting close to finishing it.
      I think I now have 13 WIP’s going including the dice piece and the Spring Basket. I really don’t want to add any more, but watching the flosstubes makes me want to start everything I have in my stash and you don’t want to know how many things I have kitted up :0
      I have heard of people using Anchor 310. Now that my Joann’s carries the Anchor spools, I will have to try out that black the next time I need 310.


  4. Your Spring Basket is coming along nicely! I use the X Stitch app free version and put all my charts in the Inventory section. Then when I start then, there is an option to “Add to Journal” which copies the information across. I can email you screenshots if you like?
    Of course, Mirabilia are my favourite designs and I believe that is how we met, on the Yuko Board? Happy Days!


    1. I just took a look at my Xstitch app and there are things in my inventory. I don’t ever remember using that part of the app, but maybe I did. I think I will have to spend a few days reorganizing that app. Thans for the info.
      Yes! The Yuko Board! That was such a long time ago! That is probably where we met 🙂


    2. I spent quite a bit of time this last weekend making sure my kitted projects were in my Xstitch app and adding lots of Mirabilia’s and Nora Corbett’s to the inventory section. The only thing I don’t like wth the inventory portion is that I can’t add a photo of the project. I think that is why I was just putting them into the journal and marking them as kitted so that I could have a photo of them. Since I know most of the Mira’s and Nora’s, I will know what they are without a photo. I still have a filing cabinet of patterns to go through to compare what has been put in the app and what needs to be added. I guess once I pull it out to kit it I can take a photo then. So thanks so much for letting me know about the inventory portion.


  5. Oh wow! Love those kits you got, what a great way to lay out a kit and make it look so nice and organized. Much better than Dimensions kits if you ask me. Love how your spring piece is going. And yes it’s always the small ones that we think are going to take us no time at all but end up taking longer than we originally thought. Funny how that works.


    1. It is funny how I thought Iwas just going to breeze through Spring Basket in no time. Compared to the much larger designs I do, it is way faster. I just over estimated my powers, LOL
      Agree about the Luca-S kits looking much better organized than dimensions. All those threads hanging! EEK

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Your Spring Basket is looking beautiful. I hate to be in the dark what is flosstubes? Mira ilia is also beautiful with an amazing array of colors. You would have to be happy stitching that.


    1. Flosstubes are videos on You Tube that people make about their cross stitching. Their projects, their stash, finishes. They are quite addicting and enabling, LOL. If you want to watch some, just go to You Tube and type in flosstube. Lots of them will come up.
      Blossom is definitely a happy piece with happy colors.

      Liked by 1 person

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