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Stitchy Haul and Stitchy Progress

Hello blogging friends! It is 6:39 and it is still daylight outside! The sun is still out there, the sky is blue and the clouds are big and puffy. This makes me happy!

A few weeks ago I shopped at my Local Needlework Shop for the last time. They are closing in just a couple of days and this makes me so sad. They have been my go to shop for all things stitchy for the last 28 years. They have been open for 32 years and have decided it is time to retire. I will miss them so much, but I wish them much happiness in their retirement. So I went and picked up my Nashville Market goodies and did some shopping.

I love all wonderful stitchy stuff I picked up, but shopping that day was bittersweet. Just look at all of those luscious threads! Like I need more. Um, yes I do! LOL I would have added more, but it was a little difficult getting to everything with so many people in there shopping at a discount. I am just happy I was able to get there and say goodbye to the girls. I will miss them. The shop was about 40 minutes from my house. Not sure how far the closest shop is now. Too far. There is always the internet, right?

I have made good progress on my Spring basket. It is looking so cute!

I am really enjoying working on this little project. I am leaning towards finishing this as a little pillow to display on a table or shelf.

Today is day 4 of my Giveaway. You know how much I love hand dyed fabric! I have 2 beautiful pieces of fabric that I will never stitch on because they are not 16ct.

This one is a 28ct Jazlyn solo from Silkweaver. It is 18 x 26 and in the photo it is folded in half. The green is lighter in person and the splotches are purple to brown. I am sure I purchased this for a mermaid if that helps with the coloring. If you would like a chance to win this fabric, please put the code word Jazlyn in your comment.

This fabric is also folded in half and is a 32ct Lugana solo from Silkweaver and is 16″ x 25″. If you would like the chance to win this fabric, please put the code word Lugana in your comment. I will draw winners on March 31, 2023 and announce them in a blog post that day.

That is what I have been up to. What are you crafting on?

Happy Stitching!


15 thoughts on “Stitchy Haul and Stitchy Progress

  1. Your Nashville stash looks delicious! Yum!
    Unfortunately I’m unemployed at the moment so no buying for me, but fortunately I have been stitching for forty years so have a good SABLE to sustain me. I love over-dyed threads and have a large collection of them.
    Lugana is my preferred fabric to use and I have used Jazlyn before too.
    It’s a shame your LNS wasn’t able to sell to new owners to continue but it is getting so hard for them to complete with online prices but as we know the experience is not the same. There are very few LNS in my state and the closest is nearly 2 hours away.
    I’m a very slow stitcher but are plodding along with my Bent Creek Lighthouse


    1. I was very happy to get one last shopping spree at my LNS. I went a bit overboard, but I won’t get to do it again there so I splurged. 2 hours is a bit far to drive unless you are headed that way for other reasons. I am thinking that is probably how far the next one is to me, if not further. I have not looked into it just yet.
      Stitching is progress no matter how fast or slow. Just enjoy 🙂


  2. Great Haul! There are no proper Needlework shops close to me. They’re all Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and maybe, JoAnn’s. I prefer smaller stores who focus mostly on stitchy stuff. I feel for your loss, but your haul looks awesome! What kind of floss did you get?

    I’m working on Lugana right now on one of my projects, but I’ve not on Jazlyn. Is there much of a difference? I may need to find some…

    I’m really loving your Spring Basket! It seems to be stitching up very fast!


    1. It was a fun, last shopping spree at my LNS. The threads I picked up were some Caron Waterlilies, Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks. Just a few colors of each that appealed to me. Not for anything special. You know, to add to my “collection” LOL.
      I could not tell you if there is a difference between Lugana and Jazlyn. I have stitched on 28ct Lugana in the past. I am a tight stitcher, so those soft fabrics are not good for me to stitch on. Not to mention they tire my eyes out so quickly. I will have to look at the 2 fabrics side by side and see if I can see any visible differences.

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      1. I am working on Lugana in two different colors, and I agree about the softness of the fabric. I stitch in hand so it’s nice to feel, but I’ve had to adjust my tension to make sure I don’t stitch too tight.

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  3. It’s sad that no one took over Stitches ‘n Things. 😦
    I’ve never been there in person, but have ordered.
    Glad you got to go before it closed.
    It’s probably just as hard for Deb to let it go.
    The basket is turning out so pretty.
    Lugana is a nice fabric.
    I finished Virtue, & am going to work on some of the Erica Michael’s berries from the club.


    1. It is sad Deb couldn’t sell the shop. I know she tried. She is ready to retire, but I know it will be a big change for her. I want to go back to see if there is anything left that I would be interested, but I am sure I would ball my eyes out again.
      Congrats on finishing Virture! What is the berries club?


  4. I love all the beautiful threads you got. So pretty. I hope I’m not the only one who just likes to run her hands on all the floss. It’s so sad when you do have an LNS and then they are closing, cause then you have to just figure out a new place to get your stuff and as someone who only has the internet I will say a shop is so much more fun to go to. Although I will say I spend a lot more money going into a shop then I do if I find one online. Love the progress you are making on your Spring Basket, you are so close to being done.


    1. It is really sad when a small shop has to close because of the big box stores.
      I do wish I could stitch on 28 or 32 count fabrics. I stitch too tight for one, that is why aida is perfect for me. And seeing is another thing. But Iove how the stitching looks on those smaller count fabrics.


  5. I used to have a lovely LNS but they closed due to a Hobbycraft opening up less than 2 miles away.
    32 count is my favourite and I like a piece of Lugana too.
    Lovely progress on your Spring Basket.


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