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Stitch Progress and Day 5 Blogaversary Celebration

Hello blogging friends. This post will be pretty short as I am pressed for time. But I did want to hop on with my Day #5 giveaway. First a peek at my Spring Basket progress.

Oh this is looking so sweet! I am almost finished with the rabbit on the right and then I will start the border. I just love this little stitch! Do you recognize the pillow in the background? I purchased all of the month’s pillows from the Pine Mountain series back in 2007 I believe. I talked about finishing the rest of the pillows in an old blog post. Well, they all were somehow tucked away in a bag that I recently found. I still have 6 or 7 pillows to finish. So now that I have found them again, I will have to work on getting them all finished. Of course April-August for sure have not been stitched. Fingers crossed I can get the April one finished for display sometime in April.

Now onto the giveaway. You know I love hand dyed yarn. This yarn is from a local to me dyer. She makes the most amazing self striping sock yarns! I have no idea how to knit socks, but it may be on my bucket list 😉 I thought this skein would make a very cool pair of socks. Or anything else you would want to make with it. It is “400 yards of self striping Goodness”. Put the code Sock Yarn in your comment if you would like a chance to win this. I will draw winners on March 31, 2023 along with the drawings for the last 4 days of giveaways.

That is all I have for today! I hope you are doing something fun like stitching.

Happy Stitching!


11 thoughts on “Stitch Progress and Day 5 Blogaversary Celebration

  1. The Spring Basket is really turning out so cute!! Fingers crossed you’re able to get the April pillow stitched in time. I do like how you finished the March one.

    The self striping sock yarn does look lovely! I tried crocheting socks and failed. I’m not adverse to trying again if I can find a better tutorial on it. 🙂

    I’m really enjoying your daily posts, the stitching is just so lovely to watch come together!

    Happy stitching!


    1. I’m sure I will get to the April pillow, just not at the beginning of April. I’ll get there, LOL
      I have not tried socks. DPN’s are not fun for me and I have not tried magic loop. I do have tiny, tiny cable needles, so maybe someday I will try them that way. But I would not count on it any time soon.
      I am so glad you are enjoying my posts and thank you for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comments.

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  2. Dear Ginny, it’s been so lovely having your daily updates, and watching all of your beautiful projects come together. I don’t cross stitch but still remember our correspondence about your beautiful Christmas project with the beading; I bookmarked your post and once I’m at a point in my life where I can learn a new craft that is the one I want to start with. You are very inspiring and skilled and it’s so sweet watching your little bunnies come together.
    Your sock yarn is absolutely beautiful; I’m someone who needs to knit every day to maintain her sanity and because it’s just such a source of joy in my life, and I love the colours and textures. I’ve enjoyed how you write about your knitted projects and the thoughtfulness in your photos. Looking at photos of knitting makes me happy! I’m always really intrigued by these beautiful U.S sock yarns as I haven’t seen these kind of self-striping patterned skeins over here in the UK. I think you said before that the giveaway applies only to US citizens so I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your posts each day and to thank you for the fun.
    I hope you enjoy your week and thank you for all the work you’re putting in, very Happy Stitching from the UK!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, pink. So sweet of you to continue to visit my blog and I am so glad you are enjoying my knitting posts.
      I remember we talked about Winter Snowfall and I do hope that you someday you will get to stitch it. It is such a beautiful pattern and you can choose your own colors and beads to make it your own.
      All of the giveaways are open to international except the one with the 11 skeins of yarn.

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      1. I had never thought about cross stitch before following your blog, but you just make so many beautiful designs that are fascinating & inspiring. I can’t believe how quickly you stitch! It’s great fun to watch you and it’s been so lovely to have daily posts this week although I appreciate it’s probably been exhausting for you! My mum does what we call in the UK ‘tapestry’ which I think is similar to cross stitch but you only use a half stitch rather than a range of different types of stitches (I may be incorrect here..) and there is a printed pattern on the canvas that you stitch on top of. I can’t get my head around how you stitch all these beautiful things on to completely blank backgrounds!
        It’s incredibly generous of you to make the giveaways international. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week off and I can’t wait to see your completed bunnies when you finish the project! Have a lovely week!

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  3. Wow. I cannot believe how fast you stitch. The bunnies are adorable!! I can’t wait to see the pillows. The sock yarn is just gorgeous. It would make a beautiful pair of socks. I do knit socks and I love the self striping. It is so much easier than trying to switch colors on double pointed needles. I have so enjoyed your posts every day. Happy stitching.


    1. Thank you. The pattern was pretty quick. I love the bunnies, too! So cute. It is fully done now and I posted it today.
      I don’t do socks. Well, I haven’t yet. But I think the self striping yarns are definitely a better way than changing colors. Iam so glad you have enjoyed my posts. I appreciate you visiting and leaving such sweet comments ❤


  4. Love how the spring basket is turning out. And nice to see you displaying your month stitch. Monthly stitched pieces are so nice but a lot of work goes into them. Even though they are small there is still 12 of them. I started a monthly series back in 2019 and I still have three more to finish.


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